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Friends, today I am going to tell all of you about the Gamerswar website. Here you will be given all the information about the Gamerswar website. Such as whether or not to play on the Gamerswar website, what is the address of the Gamerswar website, what is the helpline number of the Gamerswar website, and many more things will be told to all of you here. So definitely read this article till the end.

GamersWar App

So friends, I would like to tell all of you that Gamerswar is a betting website which started in March 2021. Here you can bet on cricket, tennis, football, casino and many more. Here you can enjoy 24 hours batting. Gamerswar is a self deposit and withdrawal website where you have to add and withdraw money by yourself.

However, if you face any problem with Deposit and Withdrawal, you can also chat with their customer care on WhatsApp. Let me tell here that you have not been given any option to call, so if you want to make a call, then you will not be able to make a call here because only the option of chat has been given here, that too only on WhatsApp. is available. Which are available only from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.


GamersWar Login

Friends, if you want to create an account in Gamerswar, then first you have to go to Google and type As soon as you type this, you will go directly to the home page of the Gamerswar website, and on the top right side you will see the option of Register now. You have to register off as soon as you click on it. As soon as you register, you can deposit in the website and enjoy playing the game, thank you!

GamersWar betting

In Gamerswar, you are given the facility to deposit on your own. Where you get the facility of Auto Deposite and Manual Deposite. Here the facility of Google Pay, Phone Pay, QR Code and Bank Transfer is provided for depositing. But here many people have a lot of problems in auto deposit, so you people should use manual deposit only. The deposit amount gets added to your ID within 10 to 20 minutes.

Gamerswar deposite

GamersWar betting

Gamerswar gives you a welcome bonus of 15% where as if you make the first deposit in Gamerswar then it gives you 15% of your deposit amount as a welcome bonus. But you cannot withdraw the amount of this bonus, it is given only for playing, if you put this bonus amount for withdrawal, then your request is canceled. Until the end of December 2022, Gamerswar used to give you a welcome bonus of up to 100% but now it has come down to 15% and may be 0 in the coming times.

How to withdraw in GamersWar ?

Friends Gamerswar is an Auto Withdrawal website, so here you have to do your KYC first to make Withdrawal, where you can use your Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport as KYC. . After KYC is done, you can put a request for withdrawal, let me tell you that here your account number will be required for withdrawal. Here you can simply take the withdrawal amount in your account. And you can place a request for withdrawal only once a day. Because here even if you put more than one request in a day, only one request of yours is passed in a day. The remaining second request will be passed on the next day. And here you do not have to put a request of more than 10000rs at one go because if you put a request of more than 10,000rs at a time, then your request is canceled. And if you want to withdraw from this side, then you have to submit the request before 3:00 pm, because if you submit the request after 3:00 pm, then your request will be passed on the next day. Is. That’s why you always try to put the request before 3:00.

Is GamersWar safe?

So friends, many of you will have the same question whether to play Gamerswar or not? So today I am going to give you information about whether you should play in Gamerswar or not.

So let me tell you that Gamerswar is a fraud website where if you win more amount then your ID is banned and after that no matter how many tries you make but your ID will never open. These people are cheating people in the guise of marketing. So I recommend you never play in this fraud website. To save people from the fraud of this website, we have already made a video about this website on YouTube, so I am giving you the link of my YouTube channel below, where you can get all the information about this website. And you can also see how this website is looting people.

Gamerswar fraud

GamersWar Adress

So friends, let me tell you that there is only one office of Gamerswar website all over India which is in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. If any of you has been cheated, then you can go to Madhya Pradesh and register a complaint in the nearest police station. They are running an office in the name of 9 Touch Techs Private Limited which is located at City Walk Mall Near Halalpura Bus Stand Lalghati Bhopal. You can see that he is not even running the office in his own name, he has also named his office as 9 Touch Techs Private Limited to mislead people.

GamersWar Helpline Number

Friends, if you have also been cheated in the Gamerswar website, then you can file a complaint against this company, to complain, you will have to call 1930 on this National Cybercrime Portal. Apart from this, we have also taken out the WhatsApp numbers of some of their prominent members, you can harass them by calling their numbers and you can also complain in their name.

Contact details– +44 7362 018482 / +44 7361 633274

Gamerswar Staff Information

The name of the CEO of Gamerswar is Ojas, and the managers of this company are Mayur and Mayank while the HR manager is Bhupendra. While Prashant and Hrithik are the team leaders of this company who are about to leave this company soon. And might have even given up by now. Friends, if you have also got FRAUD in Gamerswar website, then you can follow us on Telegram, because if any new information about this website comes, we will tell you on Telegram, so please join our Telegram channel. Thank you!

Is GamersWar fraud website?

Yes this is a fraud website.

क्या GamersWar फ्रॉड वेबसाइट है?

हा, यह फ्रॉड वेबसाइट है।

what is the helpline number of GamersWar ?

+44 7362 018482 / +44 7361 633274

GamersWar का हेल्पलाइन नंबर क्या है?

+44 7362 018482 / +44 7361 633274

Does GamersWar Gives withdrawal ?

No, but first they can give you withdrawal once or twice but after that they will close your id.

क्या GamersWar withdrawal देता है?

नहीं, लेकिन पहले वे आपको एक या दो बार withdrawal दे सकते हैं, लेकिन उसके बाद वे आपकी आईडी बंद कर देंगे

Can ID be unblocked in GamersWar once it is banned?


क्या गेमर्सवार में एक बार आईडी बैन होने के बाद वापस खुलती है?


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