Top 5 Social Habits that have a Positive Effects

A study published in Social Science and Medicine journal in 2012 states the true secret to ultimate happiness and health is getting support from others. The study analyzed responses from over 270,000 participants from 140 countries and concluded that social support from acquaintances, friends, and relatives improves health.   Here are top 5 social habits that you should make a part of your life to improve your health and wellbeing:

1.Hugs have a Lot of Power

When you get a hug from a friend or loved one, it causes the brain to release oxytocin or love hormone. This hormone acts as a buffer against stress. So, when you are stressed out or in a tough spot, approach someone who cares for you and ask for a hug. It will perk you up and put things into the right perspective.

2.Combat Baby Blues with Blogging

While social media is being blamed for all that ails the society, a 2012 research carried out by Penn State reveals if new mothers spend about 3 hours a day blogging and getting connected with friends and family, it can drive away postpartum depression and increase maternal wellbeing. This digital support reduces conflicts with spouses and helps decrease stress, thereby aiding in improving the state of mind and emotions.

3.Turn to Your Sibling in Your Time of Need

Researchers from Purdue University as well as Penn State have found siblings who are close to one another, tend to have better health in general. Those with close sibling ties tend to be physically active and eat healthily, while those who have to deal with sibling conflict tend to be overweight, as they resort to emotional eating. So, if you have a sibling, cultivate good relations and the support you get, in turn, will improve your self-esteem and lead to healthy habits.   If this does not work, perhaps you can move away from your sibling and not have as much contact with them as you once did. It may be time for a change.

4.Dogs really are Your Best Friend

Already we know owning a dog helps people live longer and recover from an illness. But new research now shows, if you are a pet owner, you tend to exercise more, have higher self-esteem and cultivate healthier relationships with others. Coupled with the support you get from family and friends, owning a pet can prevent loneliness and depression.

5.Choose Your Mate Wisely

If you are happy with your partner, you are getting more help from them than you realize. When you are happy with the choice of your partner or spouse, you will find it easier to achieve your life goals. We are not saying this. Research says it! When you have romantic and close relationship with your partner or spouse, it motivates and encourages you in every sphere of life, including where your health is concerned.   As you can see, your social habits are closely interwoven with your health. So, make these social habits a part of your life and you will enjoy terrific health and wellbeing. Of course, you need to couple these habits with healthy eating and regular exercise to gain the maximum benefit.
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